Fights For Everyone!


Game Instructions

Read through once, but simple instructions: 


The Fight Card Game Instructions:

Warning:  This game is played while watching Combat Sports (MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing or Jiu Jitsu matches). The competitors are trained athletes!  Whether you are watching the fights on TV or at a live local sporting event, those skilled athletes understand the techniques and the dangers of their use. Please do not attempt the use of any combat techniques!


1) Shuffle & Keep cards facing down. 

2) Each player picks a card at the start of a match.

 Players can pick more than  one card, depending on the number of players and leftover cards available.

The card picked will explain how the player can win the game (the cards are the color of the corner you are rooting for… Red or Blue).

There are 2 of each card, one Red and one Blue.  Except the “Draw” card, it’s a single Black card.

If you have more Players than cards, create teams.

Come up with Creative Team names and post them on one of our Social media pages with a Picture of your Team.

For MMA matches:

-Use the “Knock Out”, “Tap Out”, “Choke Out” and “Decision” cards… (8 total players).

-Add the “Disqualification (DQ) cards… 2 additional players (10 total players).

-Add the “Draw” card… 1 more player (11 total players).

-Add the “Tap Out (Lower Body) cards… 2 additional players  (13 total players).

If extra cards are needed and you add in the “Tap Out (Lower Body)” cards, then the “Tap Out” cards become Tap Out Upper Body for Waist up attacks. “Tap Out (Lower Body)” is for any Taps due to Leg attacks (Ex. Knee Bar, Heel Hook or any Hip or below attack that forces the competitor to tap).

For Boxing or Kickboxing:

-Use the “Knock Out”, “Decision”, “Draw” and “Disqualification (DQ)” cards … (7 total players).

For Jiu Jitsu Matches:

If the Jiu Jitsu event organizers do not use “Red” and “Blue” Markers for the competitors,

decide which competitor will be designated “Red” and which will be designated “Blue”!

-Use the “Choke Out”, “Tap Out”, “Decision” cards…(6 total players).

-Add the “Tap Out (Lower Body)” cards… 2 additional players (8 total players).

-Add the “Disqualification DQ”cards… 2 additional players (10 total players).

-Add the “Draw” card… 1 additional player (11 total players).

All Rules are open to interpretation.

Example.. If you only play with 8 players and there is a Draw or Disqualification … you can decide to scrub that game and move on to the next match.


-In the case of a Draw, Both “Decision” card holders win.

-In the case of a Disqualification, the player holding the “Decision” card of the fighter that WAS NOT Disqualified wins.

Important: The referee will announce how the match was won, so waiting for his vocal decision is a good idea.

(A fighter will “Tap” when he is being choked, but the referee will announce win due to “Rear Naked Choke”.. so “Choke” wins.)

The Makers of this game in no way promote gambling or using this product in any illegal activities.

Playing this game does not promote gambling in any way.

** If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, please contact a Gambling support or help organization in your local area.**