Fights For Everyone!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is "The Fight Card Game" easy to play?

YES.  After the first round is played, you will absolutely understand the ease of playing.

Will I need to purchase a new set of cards for every event?

NO, The game cards are made of a hard plastic for long life!!!

With proper care the cards should last for some time.   Probably not forever, but if you wipe them off with a clean dry cloth or paper towel  after each event and store them in a dry location, that should extend their life.


Do not bend cards. (it will be tempting, but please don't)

Do not chew on the cards. (pizza tastes better)

Wipe with a clean, dry cloth or paper towel (do not submerge in water or other liquids).

If liquid spills the cards, just wipe them off.

Store in a dry location.  Avoid damp, excessively cold or excessively heated areas.

What age group is "The Fight Card Game" for?

Anyone of any age can play.  It's that simple a game.  We do ask that if you allow children to play the game, that they understand the fighters they are watching are professional athletes.  They should understand the rules and the dangers of fighting.  Adult supervision is recommended!